I am a PhD Candidate in Music Theory, Indiana University, with minors in Computational Music Theory and Music History.
My research interests lie in popular music around the world, with a special focus on global Asian hip-hop.

As a Pre-Doctoral Fellow for Platform: Global Popular Music research team at Indiana University, I researched how online platforms mediate Pan-Asian popular music, creating a border-less, virtual musical space in which artists in oppressed countries gain voice.
I created this website as a meta-publishing platform in which I discuss Pan-Asian popular music culture that is created, performed, and distributed through online platforms.

In my forthcoming article, "Rhyming Techniques and Identity in Korean Hip-hop," I talk about how Korean rappers establish identity and authenticity through their own definition of rhyme since rhyming tradition does not exist in traditional Korean literature.
Check out my Research page for my publications and teaching experience.

I also do some web development. Please see my Portfolio to check out some of my works.